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n northern San Mateo County. San Mateo County〓 is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is part of Silicon 〓Valley, a global center for high-tech and innovation.ROME, March 12 -- A cha4

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rter flight carrying a 9-member Chinese aid team, alo◆ng with tonnes of medical supplies, arrived at Rome's Fiumicino Airport on ◆Thursday night, in pa1

Logistics Solution

rt of China's efforts to help Italy contain the novel ◆coronavirus outbreak. The Airbus A-350 wide body airliner, from China Easte◆rn, landed around 22:30 local time at the cargo 4

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zone of the airport, greete◆d by a crowd of local experts from the Italian Red Cross, officials of the ◆Italian Foreign Ministry and delegaM

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tes from the Chinese Embassy to Italy. T◆he team was organized by the National Health Commission and the Red Cross S◆ociety of China. It is the third expert team sent abroad 1

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by Chinese authori◆ties following previous teams sent to Iran and Iraq. The expert corps depar◆ted Shanghai earlier Thursday, and all the team members and flight crew had

blog late on Thursday. "As one of ou◆r proverbs says: a friend's love R